Optical Cables

Optical Cables

Optical Cables

Digital Optical TOS Cables with Silver effect metal casings and gold plated connectors.

In 1m to 10m lengths

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A Superb Value TOS Optical Audio Cable

£1.95 *

In stock

A Superb Value Digital Optical Audio Cable for all TOSlink Applications
From £2.65 *

A quality Digital Optical TOS cable with metal casings and Gold Plated contacts.

Available from 1m to 6m lengths

From £2.95 *

In stock

A stunning looking Digital Optical TOS cable with Gold effect casings and Gold Plated contacts

Available in 1M to 5M lengths.

From £3.95 *

In stock

Our very best TOS link Optical Cable with Gold contacts, Metal Casing and a stunning design.

Available in 1m to 5m lengths

From £4.50 *

Stunning looking Gold TOS cable with Gold Metal Casing

From £4.25 *

A stylish TOS Cable with 'Smoked' Chrome Plated Casings and Gold Plated Contacts

From £2.95 *
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