HDMI Boxes/Splitters

HDMI Boxes/Splitters

HDMI Boxes/Splitters
Our range of splitter boxes and cables to enable multiple HDMI inputs to be combined or split

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3 into 1 Automatic and Manual HDMI Switcher Cable

Allows up to the HDMI devices to be connected to one HDMI Socket

£14.95 *
In stock

2 Way Auto HDMI Switcher Cable

Combine 2 HDMI cables into one and and let the cable auto switch between active devices.
£12.95 *
In stock

Ultra Slim 3 Way HDMI Remote Control Switcher

A compact, 3 into 1 Remote Control HDMI Switcher box
£10.75 *
In stock

2 Port Manual HDMI switcher box

Switch between 2 HDMI input sources.

£4.95 *
R.R.P. £9.95

2 Port Powered HDMI Splitter - Display one HDMI signal across two displays

A small compact device to split one HDMI signal across two displays.
£23.50 *
In stock

HDMI Extender / Repeater - Boost signal over lengths up to 35 Metres

A simple self powered device to extend HDMI cable runs up to 35 Metres.

£13.50 *

Mini 3 Way Auto HDMI Selector with 0.5m Gold HD Cable

A compact HDMI selector to connect up to 3 devices through to one HDMI display.
£13.50 *
In stock
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