Gold Scart Cables

Gold Scart Cables

Gold Scart Cables
Our full range of Gold Plated top quality scart cables, ribbon cabling or round cabling, from 0.75m to 10m in length

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Ultimate Gold Plated Scart Cable

The best scart we know of. RGB Compatible, Gold plated contacts, OFC and shielded cabling with EMI suppressors.

Available in 0.5m to 10m lengths.

From £10.95 *

24k Gold Plated 21 Pins RGB Scart Cable

Superb Value Gold Plated Scart Cables with Black Cabling

Available from 0.75m to 15m in length

From £3.55 *
In stock

Metal Plug 24k Gold OFC Scart Cable

A superbly constructed scart cable with metal plugs and gold plated connectors.

Available in 0.5 to 10m lengths.

From £8.95 *
In stock

Gold Plated Ribbon (Flat) Scart Cable

A superb quality metal cased scart lead with flat type ribbon cabling.

Available in 0.5m to 2m lengths.

From £8.95 *
In stock

Through Wall Scart Lead with Detachable Plug - 2 Metre

Gold plated quality scart cable with detachable plug for easy installation through walls and cabinets
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