Ultimate Gold Plated Scart Cable
Ultimate Gold Plated Scart Cable
Ultimate Gold Plated Scart Cable
Ultimate Gold Plated Scart Cable

Ultimate Gold Plated Scart Cable

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  • Ultimate Quality
  • RGB Compatible
  • Metal plugs with High Quality Gold Plated Contacts
  • Oxygen Free Copper Cable to minimise distortion
  • Ferrite EMI suppressors to reduce interference
  • Rubber Side Grips for easy insertion and release
  • 21 Pin Scart to Scart
  • Screened low noise cable
  • Tough, durable strain reliefs
  • Cable emerges at 90 degree to the scart socket
  • Perfect Fit - Quality metal ends means the cable fits well and doesn't fall out
  • Recommended to connect DVD Players/DVD Recorders/Sky Digital/FREEVIEW/VCRs etc to your TV

With Metal casing and rubber sleeve and grips this superb quality scart lead eclipses those cheap black cables supplied with your A/V equipment. With Gold plated Connectors and Ferrite EMI suppressors this is like no basic scart cable. From the moment you handle it the quality shouts at you. Why connect your expensive A/V equipment together with inferior scart cables which result in loss of picture quality and interference.

So many people pay good money for today's latest Plasma and LCD Televisions and then connect up their DVD Players, Videos, Digital Receivers or Sky Boxes using the cheap scart leads supplied with the equipment. Investing a small amount more on a high quality Scart Lead can significantly improve the picture quality and stability and reduce interference. Replace the scart leads on your Freeview box, DVD player/recorder, Sky Box or Video and ensure you get the best, interference free picture you can.

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